zondag 11 maart

Vinyl Night

Neem je favoriete LP mee en laat em horen in de kroeg.

donderdag 15 maart

Main Line 10 - Stanis - Meddler

Main Line 10 | Mallorca
Melodic HC Punk from Palma de Mallorca

Stanis | Italia
Melodic HC Punk from Bologna 

Meddler | Fryslân
Melodic HC Punk

Doors: 21:00H
Start: 21:30H
Damage: 5 euro

vrijdag 16 maart

Psychedelic Anniversary

Psychedelic Anniversary, a concept that has been with us for years. But what is a Psychedelic Anniversary by 3rd BIT Events actually about?

Basically it's the full power Psy-Trance party that you have become to expect from 3rd BIT Events. But with an extra silver lining: We also celebrate the birthday of 3rd BIT DJs and crew!

This time we will be celebrating the birthdays of DJs Anand, Fluffy, Sannergy and Shivanki. This time we are also celebrating the birthday of Sander, who helps with the production of our parties. We all would like to invite you to come and party with us at this Psychedelic Anniversary. Let's have a blast!

Anand [ 3rd BIT ]
Psykela [ 3rd BIT ]
Shivanki [ 3rd BIT / DIY Soundsystem ]
Sannergy [ 3rd BIT ]
Nilezz [ 3rd BIT ]
Paul B [ 3rd BIT / Forest Freaks ]

▶ Full Power Psy-Trance from 22:00 till 4:30
▶ Full Fluo Deco by 3rd BIT events
▶ Free Entrance

zondag 25 maart | time: 21:45

Redemptus - Cruelist + Local support

Redemptus | Portugal

Cruelist | Portugal
Hardcore/Punk from Porto

+ Local Support

Doors: 21:00H
Start: 21:30H
Damage: 4 euro

donderdag 29 maart

Distaste - LMDA - Sai Tao

Distaste | Austria
Grindcore since 2000 from Linz

LMDA | France
Powerviolence / Noise / Grind from Strasbourg

Sai Tao | Leeuwarden
New Chaos Grind outfit playing their first show

Doors: 21:00H
Start: 21:30H
Damage: 4 euro

zaterdag 31 maart

Ben Presents IV: I Against I + Support!

JAAAAA, daar gaan we weer met een nieuwe editie!
Dit keer zal I Against I met support van de Friese formaties The Sun-0-Bathers en Captain Disco de boel weer laten schudden. Eerst genoemde support band released tegelijkertijd hun debuut EP. Die zal verschijnen op No Affiliation Records.

Zaterdag 31 maart Alternative Rockcafe Mukkes Leeuwarden, be there!

I Against I   |   NL

Sun-0-Bathers   |   NL

Captain Disco   |   NL

Doors: 21:00H
Start: 21:30H
Damage: 5 euro