vrijdag 15 april

MennoWar presents: After The Other Party

Hardcore uit Heerenveen

Faith Ends Here
Hardcore uit Rotterdam

Far From Okay
Hardcore uit Hilversum

3 bands uit 3 steden voor 3 euro, alles wat nodig is om een vette show neer te zetten!


zaterdag 23 april

Degenerate Idol - Captain Disco - Terra Flop

Degenerate Idol | DE
GaragePunk'n'Roll from Bremen
Too old to die young - and - punx not dead at all: not by „Degenerate Idol", but that nails down perfectly what trademarks this band from Bremen, Germany. Energy-loaded punk bowing to the beginnings in the 70s, flavored with a splendid shot of rock'n'roll and ska! Everything is put through a meat grinder until it undeniably rocks! The Idols play it loud, wild and drive the crowd to the dance floor. No, the moshpit ain't a china shop! Everyone's welcome, except the racists, they have to stay out!

Captain Disco | NL
The glorious union of rock'n roll, punk, hardcore and a little sleaze. Unpolished and real music from the North of the Netherlands.

Terra Flop | DE
Punk from Bremen
TERRA FLOP sees itself as the end product of the metabolism of Bremen's bands PARTY DIKTATOR, SAPRIZE, QUEERFISH and DONT. Their music cringes the professional sausage salesman to spontaneously feel part of a larger whole. Leaning on the Zeitgeist of the late 70s and early 80s the listener (most likely with hearing aids) tends to compare TERRA FLOP with bands like WIRE or GANG OF FOUR. That is shameless! The humankind-despising sound of the band serves to force the individual to take up a position. It's self-evident that this is the basis for a thunderstorm of inappropriate insults. Nonetheless: TERRA FLOP hates violence.

Doors: 21:00H
Start: 22:00H
Damage: 4 euro


donderdag 28 april

Perfecitizen (CZ) - My Minds Mine

Perfecitizen | CZ
BlastCore hailing from Prague

My Minds Mine | NL
Grindcore from Fryslân

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Doors: 20:00H
Start: 21:00H
Damage: 4 euro